What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging, or Thermography, enables us mere human beings to observe and measure light in the infrared range. Pretty much all objects absorb and radiate heat energy in the form of infra red light, and it is this energy that we see when using a thermal imaging camera. More commonly thermal imaging allows us to see what temperature things are.

Thermal Images


Why use thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging has many uses; some of the more common requirements that we see are listed below:

  • Identify overheating joints and parts in a power line.
  • Identify a load imbalance in switch gear.
  • Identify uneven/over heating on a motor.
  • Identify hot fuses in a building.
  • Highlight water and mildew in a wall.
  • Monitor and measure heat loss in a building.
  • Hunt for ghosts (we do get some of these requests).
  • See through smoke, fog, snow and dust to find people, animals or the seat of a fire.
  • Night vision

FLIR Systems B335

Infrared Camera

FLIR Systems b60

Infrared Camera

Flir Systems I60

I60 Infrared Camera

Flir Systems PM595

Thermal Imaging Camera

Fluke Ti25

Ti25 Thermal Imaging Camera

Fluke Ti27

Ti27 Thermal Imaging Camera

Fluke Ti29

Ti29 Thermal Imaging Camera

Fluke Ti32

Ti32 Thermal Imaging Camera

Testo 875

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging camera rental solutions

With a number of models available, each most suitable for differing applications, then rental options ensure that you have the most cost effective access to the best camera for your particular requirement backed by the support of one of the world’s leading providers of equipment rental.

Take a look at the list of available models on the right or talk to our sales engineers to find the best solution for your project.

Thermal imaging camera's are expensive and there are a variety of reasons for renting thermal imaging cameras from Livingston; For the comfort, the flexibility to upgrade, downgrade, always use the latest technology, the financial controls (pay only for the period of use), short term emergency needs, peak demand requirements, etc. 

  • Rent as long as you need the equipment
  • Only quality brands
  • No hidden costs
  • If equipment goes faulty, replacements will be supplied within 24hrs
  • When you have finished with the equipment, give us a call and we will arrange collection

Want To Know More?

If you would like you know more or would like to get your hands on a top quality thermal imaging camera, then please our contact technical sales team on +44 (0) 20 8614 4055click here to send an email or use the form below:





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