Base Station Testing Kit

Livingston is able to offer a customised base station deployment test kit, offering even better value for money than our highly competitive standard rental offering.

Order your selection of equipment today to get an additional 10% discount on your rental, when you order 3 or more products from the list below:

This offering  aims at providing cost effective solutions to engineers, and project managers, involved in the deployment or upgrading of mobile base stations. Select from our range of antenna/cable analysers, antenna alignment tools, PIM testing tools, power meters, Ethernet test tools and personal RF monitors available from our huge stock of equipment. By mixing and matching different items then bundling them together you can benefit from a 10% discount in the overall rental cost.

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Among the pieces of equipment covered by Livingston’s base station deployment kit are:

Anritsu MW82119A

PIM Master Passive Intermodulation Analyser 1800MHz

Anritsu S331D

Cable & Antenna Tester - Site Master (25 - 4000 MHz)

Anritsu S331E

Sitemaster Compact Handheld Cable and Antenna Analyzer (2 MHz to 4 GHz)

Anritsu S331L

Site Master Cable & Antenna Analyzer with Power Meter

Bird 5000DPM + 5102 Sensor

Thru-line Power Meter


NetBlazer - Ethernet Tester


CellAdvisor™ Cable and Antenna Analyzer


CellAdvisor™ Base Station Analyser

Kaelus iPA-1800A

Battery Powered Portable PIM Analyser - DCS1800 / 1800MHz

Kaelus iPA-900A

Battery Powered Portable PIM Analyser - EGSM / 900MHz

Kaelus iQA-0790C

LTE800 Portable PIM Analyser

Kaelus iQA-2101C

UMTS Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzer

Kaelus iQA-901C

EGSM900 Portable Passive Intermodulation Analyzer

Kaelus RTF-1000A

Range To Fault PIM Module 698-960 MHz

Kaelus RTF-2000A

RTF Module , 1710  2170 MHz

Narda D8860

RF Personal Monitor

Narda D8862

RF Personal Monitor

Narda Nardalert S3

Nardalert S3TM Non-Ionizing Radiation Monitor


GPS Compass

Rohde & Schwarz ZVH4

Cable and Antenna Analyzer


All-In-One Antenna Alignment Tool


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