Actix - Analyzer

Actix - Analyzer

Analyzer is a desktop solution for expert drive test post-processing, supporting network optimization, network troubleshooting. In use at over 230 operators, including 25 of the top 30, Analyzer has supported 2G, 3G and now 4G/LTE rollouts with flexible and powerful drive survey analytics. Analyzer includes the Spotlight module for automated post-processing analysis.

Key features:

  • Broad multi-vendor, multi-technology drive test format support: Analyzer supports the latest HSPA+ & LTE decodes from all of the major vendors.
  • Detailed network measurements: Analyzer supports measurement of the latest HSPA+ & LTE features including: CQI, frame usage and modulation usage.
  • Flexible voice and data service KPIs: Analyzer supports powerful top down KPIs allowing operators to evaluate the quality of different voice and data services as perceived by end users
  • Full RF analysis: Analyzer provides automated drop call diagnosis and integrated radio network analysis to diagnose cell coverage, missing neighbor, and interference / pollution problems.
  • Layer 3 analysis: Analyzer provides embedded Layer 3 analysis allowing detailed message level analysis of drive survey results.
  • Data session analysis: Detailed data session analysis makes it easy to establish whether poor data service performance is due to poor radio quality or congestion on the core or radio network.
  • IP packet inspection: Analyzer provides full IP layer decodes and session analysis to provide full inspection into the IP traffic layer.
  • Performance Reports: Out of the box performance reports enable operators to quickly create RF analysis and acceptance reports.

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Actix Analyzer

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