Anritsu - MU909020A

Anritsu - MU909020A
<span style="\" font-size:"="">Anritsu MT9090A/MUT909020A Optical Channel Analyzer is a dedicated tool for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of CWDM networks. Fast and accurate overview of all CWDM channels and channel drifts over time.
The MU909020A provides an overview of the power levels and wavelengths of all 18 CWDM channels at a glance, with easy comparison to pass and fail indicators.


  • Fast and accurate measurement of  Power and Wavelength over the 18 CWDM channels
  • Easy monitoring of Wavelength and Power drifts
  • Compliant to ITU-T G.695 and G.694.2 standards
  • Pre-stored or user-defined threshold values for easy Go/No Go testing
  • Power meter operation with measurement of the total incident power

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Anritsu MU909020A

Optical Channel Analyzer Module

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