Metallic Cable Fault Locator (0 - 20km)

  • Metallic Time Domain Reflectometer
  • 20 km Operating Range
  • 8 Test Modes
  • Battery Operation
    • Dynamic range exceeds anything similar
    • Accurate to 0.5m in short range mode
    • Fault ID is crystal clear - even at the 20km limit of operating range
    • Large. uncluttered full-screen trace display for clarity
    • 8 Test modes give fast fault location. when:
      • Testing a single pair
      • Comparing 2 pairs
      • Testing one pair against any of the 12 memories
      • Testing crosstalk between 2 pairs
    • Measurement display in metres. feet or time
    • Dielectric can be set using PVF. V or V/2
    • On-board cable library assists fast. efficient selection
    • Dedicated keys for
      • Cursor
      • Dielectric
      • Range
      • Trace Position
      • Pulse Amplitude
      • Other frequently used functions
    • HELP facility provides explanation of controls. contains sample waveforms and allows instrument to be programmed for most common cable types
    • PC compatibility. via X600 TRACEability Software System. ensures waveforms can be analysed. stored and reloaded to the TDR for on-site. dynamic comparison

Item code: 105259


 BICCOTEST - T625 - 1

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Metallic Cable Fault Locator

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