Viavi (JDSU) - EDT-135

Viavi (JDSU) - EDT-135

2 Mbit/S Communication Analyser

  • Provides standard options for Quality of Service (QoS) measurements to ITU-T G.821. G.826. and M.2100 recommendations
  • Provides a scalable test solution for E1 and Data testing applications. supported by a large range of software options for E1 services (Frame Relay. GSM) and subrate multiplexing system (X.50. HCM. V.110) testing
  • Intuitive user interface with an auto configure feature and large. clear results screens
  • Makes clear distinctions between bit errors and bit slips in QoS testing through the patented Gelbricht synchronization method
  • Employs a full set of physical layer tests for E1 balanced and unbalanced circuits including BERT. VF. Round Trip Delay. Signal Level. Pulse Shape and Jitter

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Viavi (JDSU) EDT-135

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