Pacific Power Source - 120ASX

Pacific Power Source - 120ASX

As a member of Pacific's ASX-Series family of high performance AC Power Sources, the 120ASX offers the low acoustic noise, ease of installation, and maximum power density found in all of Pacific's high frequency, pulse width modulated AC Power Sources. Control and operational features provide a high degree of versatility and ease for applications ranging from simple, manually controlled frequency conversion to harmonic testing and sophisticated bus programmable transient simulation.

Standard Features:

  • 1 phase or split phase Selectable Output from front panel or bus command.
  • 15 to 1,200 Hz. Operation – 5,000 Hz small signal bandwidth.
  • Precision Voltage Programming – 0.05% with Continuous Self-Calibration (CSC) engaged.
  • True-RMS metering of volts, amps, and power. • GPIB (IEEE-488.2) or RS-232 Interface.
  • Waveform Library – Arbitrary Waveform Generator.
  • 99 stored programs with associated transients for static and dynamic test applications.
  • UPC Studio Software Suite.
  • UPC Interactive LabVIEWTM Libraries.

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Pacific Power Source 120ASX

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