Radcom - eDiamond LTE

Radcom - eDiamond LTE
  • QoS assurance for service providers
    • Drastically reduces churn rate
    • Increases profitability of the network 
  • Supports all the technologies that are required for an LTE operator
    • Full support for UMTS, GSM/GPRS, IMS, SS7, Mobile data
  • Multi-user application
    • Provides advanced usability criteria
  • Very simple to deploy
    • Easy to use
  • Short learning curve
    • Engineers can start using results shortly after being introduced to the application
  • Online troubleshooting
    • 24x7 with near real-time results

Interfaces Supported:

LTE Access Network

  • S1, X2

LTE Core Network

  • Based on Diameter protocol:  Cx/Px, Sh/Ph, Re, Wx, Zn, Zh, Gq, Gmb, Gx, Gx over Gy, MM10, Rx, Pr, Rx, STa, S6a, S7, S13/S13’, SLg, SWm, SWx, Gxx, S9, Zpn, S6b, SLh, SGmb
  • Based on GTPv2 protocol:  S2, S3, S4, S5, S8, S10, S11, S16, Sm, Sn, Sv, S101
  • Based on SGsAP protocol:  SGs
  • UTRAN and GERAN Interfaces (For handovers)   UMTS Iu (PS-CS), GSM-A, GERAN/GPRS, MM/GMM

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