Rohde & Schwarz - TSMQ

Rohde & Schwarz - TSMQ
  • Simultaneous multitechnology measurements in a single drive test
  • WCDMA, GSM, CDMA2000® and CW
  • Fastest scanner worldwide
    • WCDMA PN scanning with up to 20 ms per measurement (50 Hz) in high speed mode
    • GSM network scanning with up to 10 ms per channel (100 Hz)
    • CDMA PN scanning with up to 100 ms per measurement (10 Hz)
    • Analog CW power measurements with up to 1.6 ms per measurement (fulfilling Lee criterion even at high speeds)
  • 3G multicarrier use for demodulating broadcast information
    • 12 carriers in parallel in WCDMA/CDMA2000®
    • Inclusion of broadcast information decoding (SIB 1-18 for WCDMA, MCC/MNC/LAC/CI/BSIC for GSM)
    • Measurement of GSM and WCDMA neighborhoods in parallel
    • Neighborhood analysis with just one receiver
  • Low weight and low power consumption: ultra-portable backpack
  • Perfect for indoor use

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