Viavi (JDSU) - SmartClass TPS - Gold Package

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Viavi (JDSU) - SmartClass TPS - Gold Package

Triple-Play Services Tester

  • Supports WiFi
  • Tests ADSL2+/VDSL2 including bonded and vectored pairs, broadband services (data, VoIP, and IP video), copper, POTS, fiber, WiFi, and coax/HPNA
  • Web browser
  • OneCheck automates all ADSL2+/VDSL2, data, VoIP, and IP video tests and reports all key quality metrics
  • CableCheck verifies copper-pair health with balance testing and ground checks
    SC TPS mobile device application for iPhone/iPad (iOS App) provides remote control, job management, and technical support content including tutorials

consists of                                        
CTPC-V-P11 SmartClass triple play gold package     
CSC-TPUS-CU mainframe with                         
SCTP-WEB Web browser option

SCTP-VOIP VoIP option. Incl SIP, H.323 & MGCP    
SCTP-SCCP SCCP signalling option (requires VoIP  
SCTP-MOS MOS option (requires VoIP option)       
SCTP-IPVIDEO IP video option                     
SCTP-VMOS VMOS option (requires IP video option)                        

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Viavi (JDSU) SmartClass TPS - Gold Package

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